Witch Hunters Amulet Cover Showcase Jackson Heights 

Witch Hunters Amulet Cover Showcase Jackson Heights – The steps taken to create the dramatic cover of The Witch Hunters Amulet are on exhibit at a showcase of designer Armen Kojoyian’s book covers at the Maram Pharmacy on the corner of 77th St. and 37th Ave, in Jackson Heights, New York, from November 9th through December 9th. The process to encapsulate the dynamic subject matter of this book in an illustration required researching period dress and cultural icons of Portugal’s violent occupation of Goa, India, in the 16th Century. Once the design came together, Kojoyian created a type design of subtle impact that would not smother the impact of the illustration. Other book covers by Kojoyian are also on display, the far window showcases a Philip K. Dick title the famous Sci-Fi author of Puttering About in a Small Land.

— Christopher Matthews Publishing